Bumble bee organic london ah hugos alright. all these pressos are jut weird refractions of steve jobs anyway...great looking phone. super impressed at the deign details and at a lot of those features. the camera and image stabilisation look incredible. 820 chipset looks like it delivers.i missed one bit near the price reveals... was he saying something about all the prices including chinese sales tax or whatever it is so in effect the comparison price for other currencies should be a bit lowerwhat are guesses on the AUD prices of course all the online ordering sites tack on a bit more as well..User 83201 13330 postsshiznig writes...I was hoping the Mi5 would be around 5.3 I would live with that but 5.1 will take a while to get used to coming from a 5.5 device.Lots of phone for the money though. Going to wait for a few hands on videosYa Im using a 5.7 but man... The moment he announced the price for a snapdragon 820 my jaws dropped and was like there should have been louder cheers and fireworks going off.I will still consider it and ask a a friend or relative to try their s5 and see if the size is alright.User 229848 15931 postsKexter writes...No but you can install a third party launcher like Nova to get an app drawer.Yep thats not that much of a big deal. I just thought they didnt include the app drawer on

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